Government Affairs

Consultation for all types of political campaigns — candidate committees, independent expenditure committees, state and local ballots measures. MMS Strategies will craft strategic plans to accomplish your goals.


Strategic Planning

An old adage holds that “if you don’t know where you’re going, then you’ll never know when you get there.” That’s why a carefully conceived and executed strategy can save time, money and possible angst when embarking on an effective communications program. Strategic planning becomes a roadmap for the future success of any organization. MMS Strategies will craft a plan right for your project.


Public Affairs

Through proven techniques and unparalleled expertise we have a record of managing complex policy issues, leading high-profile coalitions and campaigns, and conveying compelling stories on behalf of our clients. We achieve success and build influence through our relationships with policy-makers, media, regulators and politicians around the region.


Research/ Messaging

Data is critical in crafting and executing strategies. MMS Strategies works with various firms to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis including surveys and focus groups. This data helps test messaging, perception and engagement levels. Once research is conducted, messaging will be outlined. We will integrate this messaging and data into your strategic plan.


Project Management

This includes coordination of project management tasks, reviewing background reports, information and conducting research. Building relationships and a sense of trustworthiness and team coordination is critical as projects move forward, ensuring everyone is working in a complimentary fashion.


Advocacy & Coalition Building

Creating coalitions are necessary to take the lead in defining the best options on moving projects forward. Generating excitement about the potentials of a project is critical. We will work to secure support of key individuals and groups. Having long established relationships we can help create a groundswell of support while mitigating potential opposition.


Media Relations

Building relationships and a sense of trustworthiness with media organizations as well as providing them with timely, aggressive, ongoing relevant news that is helpful to them and promotes their possible future coverage is critical as projects move forward. We provide opportunities to meet with editorial boards, drafting of op-eds, press releases and responses however we also believe that all press is not necessarily good press and potentially your best bet is a quiet approach. We will work to put you in or keep you out of the news.