MMS Strategies  is a Sacramento-based consulting firm, providing strategic counseling, government and media relations, coalition building and issues management services to clients. MMS Strategies has been a guiding force in helping government agencies and corporations think strategically, communicate effectively and find solutions. We are attuned to the big picture and are adept at bringing resolution on a wide range of issues and opinions. Our solutions advance projects to create better communities. This approach sets us apart from our competition and positions our clients to succeed.

Our clients include local governments, some of America’s largest corporations and organizations from a variety of industry sectors. At MMS Strategies, we apply the techniques and work ethic learned in tough political and public policy campaigns to deliver successful strategies and outcomes to our clients. The core of our company is providing a specialized level of service and playing a very senior role with clients, advising them on public policy matters, media relations challenges and issues management strategies. In short, the people you meet at MMS Strategies are the professionals who will work with you, and it is our commitment that we will do what it takes to successfully get the job done.